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My Powerful PowerPoint!

Journal 6

Schachter, R (May/June 2008). Changing HabitsGet your teachers to incorporate these techniques into their lesson plans to boost students’ attention.. Retrieved July 29, 2008, from Ed Tech Magazine Web site: http://www.edtechmag.com/k12/issues/may-june-2008/changing-habits.html

In this article it discusses using modern tools within the curriculum to reach and gain students undivided attention. “From introducing streaming videos and blogging to the curriculum to successfully implementing interactive whiteboards and wireless “clickers” in the classroom, technology directors around the country have been busy on the cutting edge” (Schachter, 2008). I feel it is extremely important in order to keep children interested enough in their education in order for them to want to come to school.
1. How do we inspire the older generations of teachers to use these types of programs in their curriculum?
a. I feel the importance of giving them time for the teachers of grade levels to meet and discuss the ideas for use of these programs in the classroom and to also take away the fear of using these programs as well. It is important to understand how simple these programs are and how it will add a level of excitement to their lesson plan.
2. How can a teacher keep children going onto forbidden cites and to keep them on track of the expected lessons?
a. I feel if the teacher is explicit on what she/he expects I feel that the students will not chance the new and inventive programs they are able to use within the classroom.